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Our brief was simple from our lovely clients, give us the Byron look and we just love your style!

The easiest project ever creating a forever home in Bangalow for our Sydney clients moving up with their young family.

Our brief included specifying, sourcing, supplying and installing all furniture and accessories throughout 

into the empty property to create what you see here.

With a good two days of installation to build and place furniture, hang artworks and style the entire property throughout.

From two kids rooms along with main living, rumpus, dining, master, guest bedroom and outdoor area it was a huge but exciting project to work on, so our lovely clients could just arrive and simply start enjoying their new forver home in Bangalow.

For this project we sourced all major furniture pieces including master & guest beds, bed heads, cot, childrens bedroom suite, side table, consoles, dining suite, coffee table etc, along with all decortaor items, vases, cushions, artwork, plants, linen, and more.









Bangalow 4 LR.jpg
lou 1 HR.jpg
Bangalow 10 LR.jpg
Bangalow 11 LR.jpg
Bangalow 13 LR.jpg
Bangalow 14 LR.jpg
Bangalow 18 LR.jpg
Bangalow 16 LR.jpg
Bangalow 15 LR.jpg
Bangalow 17 LR.jpg
Bangalow 8 LR.jpg
Bangalow 5 LR.jpg
lou 3 HR.jpg
Bangalow 22 LR.jpg
Bangalow 20 LR.jpg
Bangalow 6 LR.jpg
Bangalow 7 LR.jpg
Bangalow 21 LR.jpg
Bangalow 3 LR.jpg
Bangalow 9 LR.jpg
Bangalow 2 HR.jpg
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